The vision of the college is “quality education through academic excellence, skill development and character formation to produce socially committed citizens”.



            The mission of the college is to provide value-oriented and technology based intellectual training, to enable the students to compete in the present-day global world and to bring out morally upright and socially committed men and women who would contribute to the development of the nation.


Dr. Madhusuthanan Pillai



NSS College, Nilamel affiliated to the University of Kerala, is one of the most prestigious institutions of Nair Service Society. It is about to complete a fifty year period of illustrious social service combined with meaningful social action for the cause of education in our state. We are proud of the thousands of our alumni who adorn positions of prominence in all walks of life and continue to contribute to the development and welfare of the society.

The college has been offering very advanced courses, both value- added and career- oriented, under the funding of the UGC. It could be proudly stated, that all my colleagues strive their utmost to be at the frontier of the ever-developing knowledge in their respective subjects and help the learners to attain proficiency in them. Through their enviable acts of compassion and understanding, they have been maintaining a good working environment both in the classrooms and among themselves. It is no gainsaying the fact, that such a kind of faculty naturally equips our students to overcome any kind of academic challenges and also bestows upon them a lively concern for public good. Making a sustained effort, we give our students the 3 Ds namely, Discipline, Dedication and Determination in life.

Now, the college is passing through a transitional period of hectic development in academic activities in order to impart the best practices in education. It is indeed a blessing from God and also an opportunity to be the Principal of the college at this juncture and to lead it to the widening horizon of academic development. I am totally committed to take up the duties bestowed upon me and pronounce my dedication by meeting the goals set for furthering the excellence of the college.

          NAAC has certified Nair Service Society (NSS) as the biggest Corporate Body in Kerala in imparting education and for doing social service. 

The college calendar of this academic year is released against the backdrop of those cherished goals for the common good of the college.


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